There’s Hope for Nuclear Power

…There’s Hope for Nuclear Power… A nuclear power revival seems remote with the closing of existing nuclear power plants in the US, the stopping of construction of two new plants in South Carolina by SCANA Corp., and the possible stoppage Continue reading There’s Hope for Nuclear Power

Modular Nuclear Reactors

Proposed small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) could revitalize the nuclear industry in the United States, assuming their costs can be substantially below the $6,000 per KW cost of traditional nuclear power plants, such as those being built in Georgia and Continue reading Modular Nuclear Reactors

The Final Nail?

When first introduced, electricity from nuclear power was to be too cheap to meter. Then, while the first nuclear power plants were being built, extensive delays and modifications resulted in large cost overruns. The utilities incurred these cost overruns, as Continue reading The Final Nail?

Russia: Leader in Nuclear Power

Russia is emerging as the worldwide leader in nuclear power. According to the international Atomic Energy Agency, 60 new nuclear power plants are being built around the world. Worldwide, there are around 440 nuclear power plants in operation, of which Continue reading Russia: Leader in Nuclear Power

Reversing a Long Standing Wrong

Environmental groups have used fear of radiation to scare Americans into believing that all radiation is dangerous, and that nuclear power is dangerous because of radiation … no matter how small the dose. The linear no-threshold model (LNT), used by Continue reading Reversing a Long Standing Wrong

Nuclear May Be Green After-all

Radical environmentalists may be having regrets over their campaign to kill nuclear energy. After decades of demonizing nuclear power, some environmental groups are rethinking their opposition to nuclear power. Unfortunately, they may be too late in the United States and Continue reading Nuclear May Be Green After-all