Crisis in the Mideast, a novel

…Announcing, Crisis in the Mideast, a novel… Crisis in the Mideast is a novel. It’s fiction that uses facts for the basis of actions and settings to create a sense of realism. Short Description An Iranian sponsored terrorist attack kills Continue reading Crisis in the Mideast, a novel

What If GPS Dies?

GPS provides extremely accurate positioning information, and is used by the military, as well as commercial entities and ordinary people, to the point that it is now ubiquitous in society. GPS relies on a system of approximately 30 satellites. But Continue reading What If GPS Dies?

Green Fleet Nonsense

The Carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) departed Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton, Washington for a seven-month Western Pacific deployment on Friday, which will involve the Stennis Carrier Strike Group (CSG) as the center of the Great Green Fleet. This will be Continue reading Green Fleet Nonsense

Fossil Fuels Critical for National Defense

Make no mistake, war and combat operations are wasteful. The objective is to win with the fewest possible casualties, not save money or material. During peacetime it’s important to save money while maintaining a powerful military, but the objective isn’t Continue reading Fossil Fuels Critical for National Defense

Dangerous and Fool Hardy 2

The armed forces shouldn’t be used as a laboratory for experimenting with methods for cutting Green House Gas emissions (GHG). In spite of this, the Secretary of the Navy Mabus persists in his efforts to create a “green fleet”. Now Continue reading Dangerous and Fool Hardy 2