Is Peak Demand in Our Future?

..Is Peak Demand in Our Future?… As noted in Energy Forecasts Are Contaminated, forecasts have been contaminated by using a carbon price when making the forecast. This includes forecasts for growth in oil demand. This chart exemplifies how supporters of the Continue reading Is Peak Demand in Our Future?

The Environmental-Industrial Complex

The Environmental-Industrial Complex One expects the environmental movement to publish reports extolling so-called clean energy and pathways to a carbon free world. But industries have joined in, and support these same reports. A recent report from the Rocky Mountain Institute, Continue reading The Environmental-Industrial Complex

BEV Charging Basics

Charging a battery-powered vehicle (BEV) starts outside the home at the distribution transformer. Actually, it starts at the power plant where electricity is generated. The issues are: Are there sufficient power plants to charge BEVs? Is the distribution transformer serving Continue reading BEV Charging Basics

Electric Vehicle’s Disappoint

The year, 2015 must have been disappointing for those promoting electric vehicles. In total, the sale of PHEVs and BEVs were down 4%, though the sale of BEVs were up 11.5% from 2014. As this would indicate, the sale of Continue reading Electric Vehicle’s Disappoint

Absurdity of Zero-Emission-Vehicles

Previously, it’s been shown that the concept of fuel cell vehicles is fatally flawed. First: The cost of producing and delivering hydrogen to fueling stations is exorbitant. See, Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles, Part 1. Second: The incremental cost, i.e., Continue reading Absurdity of Zero-Emission-Vehicles

The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles. Part 1

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved Advanced Clean-Car Rules that will result in 1.4 million zero-emission or plug-in (PHEV) cars on the road by 2025, with one-in-every-six (15%) cars sold in 2025 being a zero-emission or PHEV vehicle. Continue reading The Massive Cost of Fuel Cell Vehicles. Part 1