“Big Hydro Power Win”

…“Big Hydro Power Win”… Greenwire reported “Greens score big win over Alabama hydropower project” as environmental groups obtain a favorable ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The court said that FERC failed to Continue reading “Big Hydro Power Win”

How Low Sulphur Fuels will Affect the Oil Industry

…How Low Sulphur Fuels will Affect the Oil Industry… Fracking has been the most important energy event of this century, freeing billions of barrels of oil for use by mankind. Recently, while not of the same magnitude of importance as Continue reading How Low Sulphur Fuels will Affect the Oil Industry

Let’s Pay $2,500 More for Our Electricity

…Let’s Pay $2,500 More for Our Electricity… We could be paying at least $2,500 more per year for our electricity if we add wind and solar to the grid. This would be the result if we followed Germany’s example with Continue reading Let’s Pay $2,500 More for Our Electricity

Feeding Off American Families

…Feeding Off American Families… The June 19, article in the Wall Street Journal, titled “Green-Power King Thrives On Government Subsidies” explained how NextEra Energy profited from wind and solar energy subsidies. It reported that NextEra Energy generated more electricity from Continue reading Feeding Off American Families

Infrastructure for Battery-Powered Vehicles

…Infrastructure for Battery-Powered Vehicles… There has not been, to my knowledge, a comprehensive study detailing the required investments in infrastructure to support battery-powered vehicles (BEVs). Any such study must address three infrastructure components: Power generation requirements Distribution system requirements Charging Continue reading Infrastructure for Battery-Powered Vehicles

Natural Gas Is Next Target

…Natural Gas Is Next Target… For those in the oil and gas industry, including the American Petroleum Institute, who are objecting to efforts to keep nuclear power plants in operation, you have a problem. Natural gas is the next target Continue reading Natural Gas Is Next Target